Boarding School Experience

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As a young adult, one of the challenges I faced is bullying. I was bullied in my primary school years, first grade to third, while attending a local school in my home town in Ethiopia. I don’t have a lot of memories from that time frame but I do remember the hardship and constant feel of demotivation. However, I also remember the numerous time my teachers awarded me gift as I would place first in my class. This may be too optimistic but I believe that period of my time was when I understood and found value in my life. I learned from my experience and when I was moved to a new school to attend the fourth grade, I started with school with so much excitement. I was happy and felt very fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend a school. I would be found constantly helping my community and helping others in classes. This part of my life aligns with my Father, who also was raised in a poor condition by a single mother. He would tutor students to feed his mother and himself whom at the time was unable to provide for the family. Years passed and I moved to the United States to attend a boarding school. The boarding school is located in Piney Woods, Mississippi. My experiences there was very unique. I was faced by new challenges. I was surprised by the diversity, value differences, and number of languages spoken in my school. I was very fascinated by the number of unique cultures so I would communicate and learn from others whenever possible. There I developed a habit which
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