Booster Club Booths: A Short Story

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It was the evening of Friday, September 20 in 2002, and Mrs. Smith had just arrived at Munson Stadium to help set up the Booster Club booth, as she was a sponsor, when she received a call from her husband. He wanted to know if he should go pick up their pizza at Domino’s now, or wait until Mrs. Smith was done with her shift at the booth. After talking through their options, they decided that he could pick it up around 7:15, which was right before the big Homecoming game would begin. Mrs. Smith finished making her way to the booth, after saying goodbye to her husband, and she was delighted to find it had almost been completely set up. But, the other sponsors were having trouble figuring out a way to display the ear warmers that they were planning…show more content…
Smith stepped to the side to call her husband about dinner. As she was speaking to him, nobody noticed when a man dressed all in black and wearing sunglasses slipped his gloved hand behind the booth and grabbed the little brown bag holding all the money the booster club had earned that night. As he was walking off, Mrs. Smith returned to the booth to find the bag missing. She asked all the other sponsors if they had moved it, or seen it, but when they hadn’t, she began to panic. Meanwhile, the thief had thrown away the brown bag and his gloves, and started to make his way back to the motel he was staying at. By this point, Mrs. Smith was really starting to freak out and considered calling the police when her husband walked up with their Dominos pizza, tickets to the Homecoming football game, a mum with his wife’s name on it, and some sunscreen. When he saw how distraught his wife looked though, he immediately found a place to set down all the things he had brought and went over to her. When he found out what had happened, they called the police, explained the situation, and then Mr. Smith brought Mrs. Smith over to a picnic table to calm down a bit and eat a little pizza. After they had eaten and Mrs. Smith was a little calmer, Mr. Smith pinned the mum on her to cheer her up and they went to go talk to the
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