Case Study Cucina Fesca Pasta

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1. Why was Cucina Fresca pasta successful? How would you compare the pizza opportunity to that for pasta? How would you compare the actual product development process for each?
Cucina Pasta Successful: 1. as there was an upcoming general trend that people were consuming those dishes which have less carbohydrate value.
2. They were providing the recipe which need lesser time to cook and easy to prepare.
3. Providing variety of choices to the customer in the market like cut pasta, filled pasta, sauce.
4. When there was a competition in the market (Rigazzi), Tru-Earth responded with its own promotions.
5. Whole grain category was new and growing so it was a good chance for Cucina to flourish.
Pizza vs Pasta: 1.The market of Pizza was around 5.8Bn and for Pasta was about 4.4Bn. Hence it was more profitable although it was consumed less in the market.
2. The initial investment required to set up the Pizza was less in comparison to Pasta.
3. Competitor like Nestle and Kraft were existing in the Market of Pizza whereas TruEarth had a first move advantage in Pasta Industry.
4. Pizza was considered as indulgence not as a meal whereas people use to have refrigerated pasta as a regular meal option.
5. For Pasta they conducted the market research till Base I but for Pizza they conducted the market research for Base II level
Product development process for Pizza and Pasta: Company had developed a more formal four-step process for research and development.
1. Idea generation – Ideas

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