Vitamin D Content Analysis

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iOTH, providing with the best available benefits of Vitamin-D Supplements
Slide-1: Introduction to the Company
OTH Health is one company offering vitamins, minerals and supplements with a brand name of iOTH, which offers high quality dietary products. iOTH uses the best technical know-how and the latest cutting-edge technology for the manufacturing of best quality health supplements that may meet different health needs of the consumers.
Slide-2: Products Offering
As we know, nature is the best source to get
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• Fish: salmon, tuna, flounder/sole
• Fortified Milk and milk products
• Ricotta Cheese
• Fortified cereals
• Fortified orange Juice
• Fortified Soy milk and products
• Fortified Almond milk
• Eggs
• Organ meats (beef liver)
• Shiitake mushrooms Slide-5: The many Health Benefits of Vitamin-D
With vitamin-D, a person may experience numerous health benefits, out of which, some include:
• Keeps healthy bones and teeth
• Lowers the risk of skeletal disorders, for example, rickets, osteoporosis, osteomalacia, arthritis, etc
• Plays a great role in replacing new bones with the old ones
• Keeps away cancerous cell colonies
• Boosts immune system and keeps away auto-immune disorders
• Treats and prevents the generation of Type-2 diabetes
• Helps recovery of tuberculosis
• Maintains a healthy body weight
• Protects from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
• Improves the conditions during menopause and PMS
• Reduces the problems of depression, anxiety and stress
• Boosts the power of learning and enhances the memory
• Prevents from premature labour and death of infants
• Helps preventing the problems like strokes and heart attacks
• Eye disease like age-related macular degeneration is also cured
• Prevents from Multiple
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For weight training, it is crucial to improve health of the bones and making them stronger by keeping healthy calcium levels in the body. in addition, the vitamin ensures proper muscle contraction and strength. Along with this, it keeps a check on weight and promotes weight loss
Other essential benefits
• Promotes a healthy heart with the ability to keep BP in control and lowering the LDL cholesterol levels
• Essential for improving the Testosterone levels with growing age
• Improves the mental ability and lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s and brain shrinkage
Slide-10: Vitamin-D, the best vitamin for skin
The most significant advantage of vitamin-D is identified with calcium ingestion; however, its constructive outcomes are not simply restricted to bone wellbeing. Vitamin-D has been found to help treat Psoriasis. Calcitriol is a man made form of vitamin-D3, which is applied as a topical cream that has been viable in treating patients with instances of Psoriasis. Applying calcitriol diminishes the amount of skin irritation and inflammation in patients with

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