Case Study Of Sprig And Eat Club

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Sprig Marketing Survey

Sprig is a restaurant that offers on-demand services for delivering fully prepared takeaway desserts, drinks, and fresh food. The restaurant delivers its meals to those clients who are busy scheduled and requires some readymade meals comprising of fruits and vegetables within 15-20 minutes. CEO Gagan Biyani realized the importance of providing ready and nutritive food to the tightly scheduled worker, implementing the idea to offer diet rich in protein and other healthy nutrients and low on sugar, oil, and butter. The company keeps its customer preferences by interviewing with their customers to know what food to place on their menu. The act helps to keep the customers trend current and Sprig gets firsthand knowledge …show more content…

Online marketing and community marketing, to know the right kind of ingredients to use. The marketing categories exploited by the two restaurants promote their daily growth, making the companies lack a chance of them upgrading and catering to a more extensive market. The two competitors also have areas they differ to each other, the marketing categories that change in the two companies are; diversity and mobile marketing categories. Eat Club has an application that helps their customers order their meals quickly and book for delivery; this is part of their mobile marketing strategy whereas Sprig only depends on the website to advertise and customer order booking. Diversity marketing is experienced in Sprig, they analyze their plans depending on customer preferences and come up with the end product to deliver to their customers (Dennison and Mehrotra, …show more content…

First, they need to increase the number of high-end consumers visiting the mall, with this, the hotel rises its business level, and the customer consumption chain is maintained. Sprig should also target most of the traveling customers in the most area rather than those on a tight schedule. These consumers would rather eat healthy meals than take unhealthy snacks while traveling, a case which is left unattended.

Consumer segmentation is the process of subdividing the broader market into smaller divisions, basing them according to one or more characteristics. This is done for business to be able to acquire profit from all its segments without them concentrating and relying on one business brand. Segmentation is also based on consumer preference, the type of people, culture, age and their behavior towards the kind of service offered.

Sprig need to conduct its interview intensively and target the right and best consumer segment for their service (Rezaei., 2015). The first consumer segment is the demographics; this comprises of age to be focused on, social class of the community and geographical residency. The second segmentation category is behavior. Behavior reflects on how the consumer uses their products, feel about them and how to act when in need. This helps a business know what they need to change to acquire the full attention of their

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