Categories Of Teacher Misbehavior

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Categories of teacher misbehavior described from poor time management to being inaccessible to students outside of class. Poor time management includes tardiness for class, early dismissal, not showing up for class, cancelling class without notification, and keeping the class overtime. These misbehaviors address the issue of teacher’s punctuality and absenteeism. Teachers in this category are represented as insensitive to the time demands placed on students. The following three categories, unprepared/disorganized, unprofessional teaching and straying from the subject emphasize teacher professional incompetence. These categories portray teachers as those who lack focus and pay little or no attention to the instructional process. Categories of unfair testing and unfair grading encompass teachers who employ unjust methods of assessment. Teachers represented in these categories are ambiguous and inconsistent graders. Teacher’s indifference is highlighted by the categories unresponsive to student questions, apathetic to students, and inaccessible to students outside of class. Teachers described in these categories are unapproachable, impervious to questions, and show little concern for students. Sarcasm and putdowns was ranked as the number one misbehavior among 13 categories. This particular misbehavior deals with the issue that teachers verbally abuse students, such as speaking in a sarcastic and rude way, making fun of and humiliating them, picking on those whom he/she

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