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As a freshmen in a community college, you must likely have to take English 111 for Associate in Arts and Associates in Science. English 111 is a challenging course yet, it helps you become a better reader and writer. An instructor will ask you to peer edit other students’ essays so that you can help that person see your perspective of their essay to help them become better writers. Being part of the paired class, which English 111 and Public Speaking going over the same topics, the main point that your instructor will make sure that students do not stereotype or overgeneralize others like Muslims that live in the United States. Do you know if you are a critical thinker or not? Critical thinkers are people that think rationally despite the …show more content…

When you walk in the classroom, the instructor will ask you to have your notes out from the last time you were in the classroom. Instructors will guide you on how to organize thing but the rest of it is that are you willing to do your part in the classroom and outside of the classroom. As a person trying to be an organized, you can not expect miracles to happen overnight. If you become organized throughout the entire semester, it will help you for other courses that you may need to take in the future.Emma Kendrick says”Organization is a big factor when you have to turn in assignments on time because instructor do not accept late work. For future references, remember to keep up with your stuff in a binder or notebook. What does the word “punctuality mean to me? I would say the definition of punctuality is that if someone can arrive time for class and attend the class regularly, he or she can have the quality of being a punctual person. Throughout the entire course, it is important to be in class at the right time because it can show your instructors that you care enough to motivate yourself to do well in the classroom. If you are always late to class about 20 minutes after the starting time for class, then it shows to the instructor that you do not care for the

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