Should Students Be Allowed To Use Cell Phones In School

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Have you ever heard the phrase everything has its own time and place? It is true that everything has its right time to be done and right place to do it. There is a right place to eat, a right place to talk politics, and even a right place to use your cell phone. One of the biggest debates cell phones is whether they should be allowed to be used in public school. Is that the right time or place for them? While traditionally students have not been allowed to use their cell phones in school, they should be now. Cell phones are not the same as they once were and education has changed as well. Cell phones have so many benefits they can offer to teaching students and almost every student these days has a cell phone by the time they are in high school. If we allow these students to use their cell phones in school you would see that they can provide great resources, aid in …show more content…

For this reason it is important that students learn early how to manage their cell phone use on their own. If they are not restricted from using their phones, the desire to do so will fade and allow them to put their work above their phone. Learning this responsibility young will allow them to do better in college classes, and in their careers. Cell phones are one of the best tools for learning and researching. They make learning possible anywhere because they are mobile. Being able to seek knowledge on their own will make students proud to learn. Students will be more motivated, involved, and prepared. Also allowing cell phones in school would help improve teacher/student relationships which could result in less shootings and suicides. Education is always changing and allowing cell phone usage in school would be a change for the

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