Should School Cell Phone Should Be Banned In Schools

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About 24% of kindergarten through 12th grade school have banned cell phones. 64% of schools let cell phone on school grounds, but banned from classrooms (Raths 1). Heaps schools think that cell phones are very crummy for students. Most of the time students ask their teacher if they can text their parent something or search up a definition. Teachers need to trust their students on their phones. A large number of teachers trust their students so much, that they let their students listen to music while they are doing their homework. Cell phones can be educational tools; they help students plan for quizzes and tests, interact with class, and students will be more comfortable with the technology. First of all, cell phones can help students plan for quizzes and tests. Cell phones can bring about doing the student’s homework. Their cell phone will not let them forget about it. When cell phones give students a reminder, they do it because it is like being told by your parents. When the student notices they have homework, they either stop what they are doing or finish so they can go do their homework. The students try to find time to do their homework. Students have so much on their plate that is going on. They have church, after school clubs, and sports game or practice. Students forget to do their homework because they loose all of their energy. In the article, Cellphones in Schools, it states, “The cell phone may also facilitate students in planning after-school work and other
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