Analysis Of The Article 'Doulas Take Root'

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In the Chicago Tribune, August 1, 2000, Darryl E. Owens (Knight Ridder) writes about a birthing practice used for thousands of years that has made a renewed entrance into American Healthcare entitled, “Childbirth ‘Doulas’ Take Root” (Owens, 2000). I found this article to be very interesting as I am studying to enter nursing school, and I have a desire to work as a nurse in women’s health, especially obstetrics. This article describes a different approach to preparing and supporting expecting families before, during and immediately after childbirth. The author, Darryl E. Owens is an editorial writer specializing in criminal justice, race relations, and social services for the Chicago Tribune, and has also featured articles in Teen Magazine. For this article he has researched the history of doulas, and their low tech insertion in the high tech practice of obstetrics increases to support his authority on the subject. However, trust in the author’s voice, is achieved through his personal interviews with a birthing couple, the doula, and specialists in women’s health from two different healthcare organizations. The author notes the …show more content…

The word doula means, a woman who servers, as doulas educate expecting moms on what to expect, breathing exercises, pain management and post-delivery care of the family and infant. During labor the doula supports the mother and father, brings ice, provide s the mom back rubs, and coaching the mom with pain reducing techniques, repositioning and support. Doulas do not delivery the babies or provide any type of medical treatments. The rise in the choice of natural birth, and doulas is a low tech counter measure to the modern high tech practice involved in birthing babies. The price noted for doula services was $345.00, including home visits before delivery, delivery support, and home visits after

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