Clean Power Plan By Daniel Hochman Analysis

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The Clean Power Plan The following is an analysis of Daniel Hochman and Luke Metzger’s editorial titled “Clean Power Plan is a victory for public health.” Hochman and Metzger’s purpose was to enlighten and convince the people of America about how important it is to maintain the environment clean and safe to stop global warming. The authors also tries to persuade the reader that it is possible to stop all the negative causes of pollution by informing them that if the proper steps are taken then it can be stopped. This article has very effective means of making the reader understand what the main focus of the Authors was. One of the reasons that this editorial is effective is for the reason that Hochman and Metzger both inform the reader that the future generations of the planet are endangered if people don’t start taking steps to prevent what can be stopped now and that is global warming. The writers also bring up the fact that the solution to the problem is already discovered and how it can be implemented into our daily lives. The Authors say: “The cure for global warming is well-known. We know the pollution that 's fueling global warming is coming from fossil fuels like coal, gas and oil. We know that we have the potential to harness enough pollution-free wind, solar, geothermal and other …show more content…

For example: “Of course, we can 't achieve this vision overnight. But we can - and we must - take steps now that put us closer to a trajectory to solve this problem for future generations…” The Authors’ message would have been a lot more effective because during the entire article they speak with too much enthusiasm towards saving the Earth. If they had mitigated the pressure that they give the reader by saying that whatever is said must absolutely be done or the planet is doomed then their statements could have been more

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