College Admissions Essay: A Change In My Life

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A change within my life that helped me grow was getting a job. My first job, was as at Little Caesars as a shaker-boarder. My motivation was to help pay my family’s bills. I had to perform tricks, dance, and wave a sign on the corner of Holgate and Division. Eventually motivated I moved up the ranks from shaker-boarder, dish washer, to preparing dough, all during my last term of high school. However, my parents worried that I may dismiss my education for money. After discussing the matter though, it was agreed I would keep my job to pay for college.
Having a job though had a big impact on my life, it motivated me to pursue a career, and go to college. Similar to many people my age, I was uncertain with what I wanted to do, or study in college. My original plan was to take a gap year between high school, and college where I could work while saving money for school, yet think about a career path. Nevertheless, I had picked up a job earlier than what I had expected, so my decision in turn was reached sooner. Though I generally enjoyed my job, and started to progress within the shop I realized that it was not what I wanted to do long term with my life. …show more content…

Having left my previous employment in order to pursue my education, I was left with either borrowing loans, or getting another job. I picked the latter of these options, and started upon my path of education.
The desire I gained to pursue my education has grown stronger, and has further developed since starting at Portland Community College. Without the change in my life that required me getting a job, then, or the job itself, would have not helped me realize the importance of a career, the education needed behind it, or given me the drive needed to pursue my

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