Comparing My Jj And My Veteran's Day

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This week we had conferences in the evening. In literacy, kindergartners learned the letter Jj and Vv. They practiced the letter by tracing, naming words that start with the letter, and reading My Jj and My Vv Book. We also learned about Veteran’s for Veteran’s Day. We talked about the importance of the Pledge of Allegiance and the importance of the flag. Children traced a letter to a Veteran, colored a flag, and read the Veteran’s Day Book. Children learned the book, “Where Am I?” and played farm memory. In the poetry journals, children drew pictures and wrote about what they were thankful for. They learned to add details by sounding out words. In math, students learned to write equations. They also learned how to flip the equation. Children wrote equations as they listened to story problems. They practiced also with their ten-frame mat and unifix cubes. Students learned the Grab Bag Game more or less and The Bicycle Race Game. They learned the bicycle race by remembering how to double a number. Friday the students did not have school. …show more content…

We had parent-teacher conferences. Each conference, we were able to show their growth from the beginning of the year to now. We showed them how they were compared to where they should be by the end of kindergarten. Almost every parent said that their child loved coming to school. Every child has had tremendous growth from the beginning of the year. It was interesting for me to see how to talk to parents when a child needs improvement. Julie Kimura did a lot of positive praise, so that parents knew she had their best interest in mind. She gave them examples of skills to practice at home. This was a way to say that they needed more growth without coming off as

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