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Yogurtberry wants to occupy a clear position in the minds of its customers. For yogurtberyy it is not difficult to do as the product is unique. It is different from any other Ice cream that one can find in the supermarket. Yogurt berry markets its products as premium yogurt, which makes it a distinctive branch in the Ice cream industry. It is not just another ice cream, it’s a fro-yo (acronym for frozen yogurt). That is why the customers have a clear idea, of what the product is about. They know it’s different from what they have been consuming as ordinary milk ice creams. This is from where stems the primary competitive advantage that yogurtberry has over its competitors. Also, yogurt berry provides a whole new experience as customers. Customers …show more content…

The new product yogurtberry is introducing, will, however roughly cost the same as the other products/flavours with additional charges of additional ingredients (fruits, nuts etc.) This is because yogurtberry is a standardized worldwide franchise. It aims to provide standardized high quality products to customers worldwide without any sort of discrimination between them. So the new product will yield more benefits as it fulfills the local demands of dates, but will cost roughly the same as other flavors. Price More the same less More
Benefits The same


Introducing this product, would further add to the competitive advantage yogurtberry has over its competitors. The locals in the UAE just love dates. In this country where the weather is hot, the locals would greatly enjoy one of their favorite foods, the date, mixed with delicious and icy frozen yogurt.

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The only challenge left is to introduce a new product in line with the demands of the locals. Yogurtberry maintains high quality standards. The new product adds to the amazing variety present in their products. To maintain this quality, yogurtberry would make sure that the finest quality dates are used. The whole of Arabia and the Middle East is a date consuming region so finding quality dates won’t be a problem. However, for quality assurance, the raw material i.e. dates would be outsourced from Saudi Arabia as dates from Saudi Arabia are thought to be the best. The packaging and service would be the same as all the other flavors yogurtberry provides to its

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