Competitive Advantage Of Yogurtberry

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Yogurtberry wants to occupy a clear position in the minds of its customers. For yogurtberyy it is not difficult to do as the product is unique. It is different from any other Ice cream that one can find in the supermarket. Yogurt berry markets its products as premium yogurt, which makes it a distinctive branch in the Ice cream industry. It is not just another ice cream, it’s a fro-yo (acronym for frozen yogurt). That is why the customers have a clear idea, of what the product is about. They know it’s different from what they have been consuming as ordinary milk ice creams. This is from where stems the primary competitive advantage that yogurtberry has over its competitors. Also, yogurt berry provides a whole new experience as customers. Customers can personalize their fro-yo, e.g. by adding nuts, trying out different ingredients like fruits as toppings. It gives customers the freedom to make and buy the product as they like it. Another important aspect yogurtberry focuses on is the perception it has on the consumers. Consumers perceive yogurtberry not just as a dessert, but a healthy dessert with a good nutrition value. The following excerpt is taken from yogurberry’s official website. “YogurBerry yogurt ice cream contains only 1/3 of dairy fat compared to normal ice creams, and guarantees low calories by using only Fruit Sugar.Lots of Vitamin & Fiber contents will not only make you think you are getting healthier, but actually revitalize your body and make them healthier &

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