Crystal Healing Research Paper

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Energy-Based Therapies Including Reiki, crystal healing, and breathing techniques
Christina Tewfik
New York Institute of Technology

Energy-Based Therapies Including crystal healing, Reiki, and Music Therapy Many people do not know the real truth about energy therapies. People who suffer from constant headaches, swelling with muscles, nausea, or even anxiety are the common patients who seek energy therapy treatments. Energy therapies are an alternative for surgery or consuming medicine. Energy therapists do not need to touch the individual getting treated or be around the patient for that matter. The general definition according to Dr. Lawrence Wilson states, “Energy healing techniques are defined as those in which the movement …show more content…

The belief in crystal healing is focused on curing ailments that the crystals relay to the individual. Palermo et al.’s (2015) states “Crystals act as conduits for healing- allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative disease-cause energy flows out”. People believe that crystal healing essentially has the assets to promote healing. Modern crystal healing has evolved from traditional Asian cultures, most commonly known as “Chinese concept of life-energy (chi or qi), Hindu or Buddhist concept of chakras focusing on life-energy connecting the physical and supernatural elements of the body” stated by Palermo et al.’s (2015). The colors are the most important interpretation of crystal healing. Every color depicting red through violet represent the seven chakra points on the human body. Palermo’s et al,’s (2015) article explains how several stones are placed on the body aligned with the specific chakra points. The chakra points would commonly be on the stomach, genital area, and even forehead. Depending on the knowledge of the healer, the healer positions the stones influencing the chakra philosophy of energy imbalances or diseased areas. Palermo et al.’s (2002) article was intriguing for the simple fact that she included a recent study of 80 participants. Half the participants held a fake crystal, while the other group held a real crystal. Both groups were told to meditate the same way. After the …show more content…

This article was written in CNN, where Carina Storrs et al.’s (2015) focused on surgery patients experiencing benefits with music therapy. The power of music is now used to help people towards a full recovery of surgery or any other medical procedures done. Music therapy sessions last for about forty-five minutes to an hour where the therapist would ask the patient what song reminds them of their high school experience. The article describes how the therapist would choose a song depending on the situation the patient was in at that moment. If the patients were going into surgery, the therapist would choose a slow song for the patient to be relaxed before being sedated. However, if the patients were working on rehabilitation exercises, the therapist would play faster music to pump up the patient’s mood to help perform the exercise. Storrs et al.’s (2015) stated, “Researchers analyzed 73 studies that compared outcomes after surgery between patients who listened to music, either what they played themselves or clinicians played for them”. The researchers had concluded that the patients who listened to music after or before their surgery, used less medication for pain and did not suffer from extreme anxiety. Researchers believe that any type of music the patients had listened to, whether it was their preferred choice of song, still had an outcome of reduced stress during the study. Music may even be

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