Cuban Culture Essay

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Cuba Cuba is a large island nation that is a lovely place to be. Where is it? It is about 150 km south of Key West, down by Florida. Cuba is between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. A quote from Cuba Heritage states: “Cuban culture is world renowned. It’s colorful history is eloquently expressed in its fabulous architecture, its national traditions, and local customs”(Cuba Heritage: Cuban Culture). After reading, you’ll be an expert on Cuba’s Geography, Climate, Government, Economy, Culture, and Interesting Facts. Cuba is a large island with some cool geographic features. Did you know that Cuba is the top of a sunken mountain range? It used to link North and South America. Speaking of mountains, Cuba’s largest mountain range is the …show more content…

They make money off of tourism and sugar mostly. Sugar is a big export in Cuba. In Cuba, money are called pesos. Also, Cuba trades mostly with Canada (exports) and Venezuela (imports). In conclusion, Cuba is a big trader.
Culture in Cuba is very interesting and diverse. Baseball is a big sport in Cuba. Cuba has a reputation for ballet and popular/classical music. Cubans speak spanish. Also, most Cubans are christians. Those reasons make Cuba’s culture interesting.
OK, so you may think, “What is so special about Cuba?” Well, here are a few things: About 11.2 MILLION people live in Cuba. It’s flag has a red triangle with a white star in the middle on the left and blue and white stripes filling the rest of the flag horizontally. Cuba is also home of Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Base. In Cuba, there is a National Theater Festival that recognizes major contributors to the theater. Due to these facts, Cuba is very interesting.
I think Cuba is a very awesome island to maybe even visit because of all of the neat facts and features about it. It’s got an interesting geography and desirable climate. Cuba also has a very fascinating government, economy, culture, and other interesting facts. All in all, Cuba is amazing. If you do not trust me, research it. Who knows what else you will

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