Daisy Head Mayzie Analysis

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I would have to say that one of many books that has helped to form my understanding of my faith is actually the book called Daisy Head Mayzie by Dr. Seuss.

This story is about a girl who at the very beginning of the story is just like everyone else though rather quickly it becomes apparent, when she sprouts a daisy on her head, that she is rather different from everyone else. Over the course of the book she faces teasing and fame along with the desire to be normal and hating all of the attention.
When I look back and try to imagine what I was thinking while reading this book it is initially hard because I was five years old when the book came out. I believe when I read this book while in elementary school I just thought it was a cool story.
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Mayzie learns that fame and fortune is not everything and that family and friends are important in our lives. The same can be said about God. All of these material things that we think we need to survive we really do not need because nothing replaces God, family, and friends. We are all children of God and he is who we put our faith in to help guide us along the way.
As christians we know that God is always with us but sometime we can still forget that fact because we get distracted. Stories like this one can help remind us that God is always there even if we cannot see Him. When the Cat in the Hat appears at the end of the story he help remind Mayzie that her friends and family will be there for her in the end. Sometimes we all have that person in our lives that helps remind us that God will always be there for us when we get discouraged or stray from Him.
I like to think this story could be used to help not only children but also adults learn and remember that just like in the book our friends and family are always there for us but also so is God. The daisy that keeps coming back is also a small reminder of that as well. Altogether even if you do not see the christian images that are in this story it
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