Dan Mcpartlin: My Michigan Hero

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My Michigan Hero “The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It’s not that we seize them, but that they seize us.” - Ashley Montagu. That quote is one of the best quotes that captures my hero. My hero, Dan McPartlin (my grandfather) has had it rough. When you're trying to make enough money to support a wife and four kids, life gets a little stressful. But that didn’t stop my grandfather from going through those hardships with a smile. My grandfather was born on July 17th, 1937. That’s right, he’s seventy-eight years old! Sure, when he was growing up he would be defined as higher class. But it is his family I would like to focus on. He grew up with two brothers, being the youngest child. There was also his father Lloyd McPartlin. …show more content…

My grandparents tied the knot in 1960. My grandfather was happy with his new family, and soon it would get extended. Within eight years, they had four kids. Two daughters and two sons (one of which being my father). However, with family comes hardships, and my grandfather would have to be facing a lot of them. Dan McPartlin went through all the hardships he faced calm and collective. Like when my grandfather faced his first hardship, watching his kids grow up and move out. That can be tough on anyone. But Dan did get a reward out of it. Getting a total of seven grandchildren. At least with that hardship came a reward. Unlike the one that followed twenty years later. His wife dying. Marge McPartlin died on October 3rd, 2013. True, it has been hard for my grandfather, but somehow, he has still been the same, funny guy I knew him to be before. So, now you know why my grandfather inspires me. It’s because even with everything he has faced, the life he has, all the good and the bad, he has been positive. Now, I could end this story telling you ‘those are the reasons why my grandfather inspires me’. But i’m not going to do that. If I did do that then you wouldn’t get how much of a hero he is to me and why. Sure, he’s been down, he’s human. It’s like I say, there’s always going to be roadblocks. But what you experience on the journey is certainly worth

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