Define Academic Success

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My personal definition of academic success is doing the best I can in a class. Things included in that are asking for help from fellow classmates and/or the teacher, studying for quizzes and tests, not procrastinating, and finishing and turning in all my homework on time. Letting my teacher know why I missed class or can’t make a class and making up any missed work is also important. That way, there won’t be any misunderstandings or confusion and my teacher will be able to understand and trust me more as a student and person. In the end, even if I don’t get a spectacular grade in a class, I will consider it academic success if i did everything in my power to do well in the class and truly gave it my all. Although all these things are what I would define as academic success, I can’t honestly say I follow all of them. Things I need to work on fixing are my procrastination problems when it comes to studying and working on projects and talking to my teachers more often when I’m lost on the material we’re covering or confused on what to do for an assignment. Many people have these issues as well, but that doesn’t make it an excuse for me to just leave them be. By working harder to make myself a better student, I’m also helping myself develop life skills that are necessary in the working world. …show more content…

However, since I attended a college-prepratory high school for 4 years, I’ve learned slowly how to deal with it in a productive, positive way. Depending on the reason why I’m stuck, I might just need to take a break from my work and come back to it later with a fresh mind or some rest. Another thing I might do is talk to a friend or teacher on what they think I could do to work past it. There are many different ways people deal with roadblocks and everyone has their own solutions, but as long as they’re not counter productive to the issue, there isn’t a

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