Definition, Theory And Intelligence: Three Types Of Intelligence

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Intelligence is a word that describes ability of an individual to perform desired tasks well Over the years many people have come up with their own idea of intelligence which is based upon what they felt important. It has been a trend in the past for people to think that intelligence is correlated to academic achievement. According to it intelligence can be defined as the ability to perform well at linguistics, mathematics, logic and other school based academics. But recently there has been a switch to include a wider range of things in the definition of intelligence. These are such as problem solving skills, abstract reasoning, adaptability to environment, mental processing, speed, creativity, motivation, goal directed behaviour, sensory activity, and the ability to acquire knowledge as well as many other things. People have begun to believe that intelligence takes different forms depending on the requirement of the environment and the culture that one lives in and is raised in. As a result it has been difficult to develop a clear cut definition of intelligence that will suit to everyone’s belief.
Intelligence is the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge .It includes the ability to benefit from the past experience, act purposefully, solve problems and adapt to new

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