Differences Between Walter Mitty Book And Movie

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Movie vs Book The movie Walter Mitty is better than the book. It is better because in the movie he does more and sees more than in the book. In the movie he is like a turtle in his shell, but by the end of the movie he comes out to see the world. In the book he is more of a hero than a loner and in real life he is yelled at by his wife. In the book he is a hero in his daydream, and in the movie he is do his own thing. In the movie he does crazy stuff like jump from a helicopter and attacked by a shark. Also he climbs a mountain to find a photographer. In the movie his daydream let him come out to the world and do crazy thing. In the book he gets stuff for his wife and daydream 3 times. Also in his daydream he talk to himself and nothing

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