Evolution Of Digital Marketing

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What is Digital Marketing?
In simple terms if you want to promote your product or services using internet is known as digital marketing. In other words " the promotion of products or services or brand through electronic media is known as digital marketing". These electronic media contains internet, social media, mobile phones, as well as tv and radio channels.
At a high level even search engines, websites, mobile applications also comes into picture.
The base of digital marketing is "content marketing". Content means images, texts, messages, videos, etc. which actually promote the product.

• Digital Marketing can be done in two ways:
I. Outbound Marketing
II. Inbound Marketing
Outbound Marketing: outbound marketing contains
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In inbound marketing we post relevant and attractive data about our product and services on social media, websites, e-mails, etc. Through this people are attracted towards your service and even your website traffic increases.
Inbound marketing is customer centric.

History and Evolution of Digital Marketing:
In the summer of 1981 IBM brought the word its first personal computer. It costed around 1500$ with 50kb of memory. It can hook up to tv, we can play games and could even process texts and with this impending digital evolution was born.
Business began to take advantage of it in all sorts of ways possible. But when it came to marketing, one of the first application was digitizing customer and prospect information.
The company called ACT in the year 1986 was the first one to do it. ACT, a contact and customer management company introduced the first database marketing software to the business world. Their software gave rise to the sales force automation platforms that eventually turned into today's Customer Relationship Management system (CRM).
It was in 1990 when the term digital marketing was first used.
CRM software which was used for tracking interactions with the customers came into existence in the
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This can also be known as “organic” search results. Typically, the higher a business ranks on search results and the more frequently it appears in searches the more traffic that site will receive. In fact, most marketers report that organic traffic is typically their highest traffic source with the strongest close rates and engagement. Here at lodestar marketing group, we implement a number of elements that are proven strategies to help our clients achieve higher rankings. For every client, we do a site structure analysis to ensure that search robots can crawl it

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