Essay On Dress Codes In Schools

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Dress codes in school are a huge issue in today 's society. There are many different opinions on why uniforms should be used or not be used, or if schools should or should not have dress codes. More and more schools are implementing dress codes into their school environment. Each school has a different reason for their dress code, or maybe they just adopted one they felt fits their school best. Some schools have had dress codes for forever, and slowly change and alter it throughout the years. According to Steffen, “It is estimated that almost 25 percent of the nation’s public schools are expected to have a dress code this year” (Steffen, 2007). I do not believe that schools have a right to implement school uniforms, however, I agree with limited dress codes within schools.
The opposing thoughts on my position believe that school uniforms and dress codes are very necessary. Many believe uniform policy improved overall academic performance and many other areas. According to Steffen, “A survey reported by the New York Police Department listed many positive results after a uniform policy was begun in 2000. This revealed that 68 percent of the
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Wearing a school uniform is difficult for growing and maturing students. When going through this stage of life, they are just trying to find themselves. Suppressing students and not letting them express themselves in unhuman like. Clothing is such a statement to many children, and taking that away is not fair. It is important for students to embrace their individuality and find themselves during this time. School uniforms can also be expensive. A lot of kids in public school are there for a reason. Their family could never afford to send them to a private school, so why are they expected to afford private school costs? Children should have the freedom to express themselves, and not have unrealistic expectations of their finances when all they are doing is trying to pass
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