Dual Enrollment English Reflection

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I began my year with four classes and one of them was my fourth block class, Dual Enrollment English 111. Typing papers and discussing interesting readings from the textbook has always been a good end to my day. Through the many English classes I have taken, this class has taught me the most so far. The experiences that I have in this class will guide me through college with a stronger understanding on how to write effectively and efficiently. Through Dual Enrollment English, I have learned how to write a well thought out paper while managing my busy schedule and have learned many lessons along the way. Dual Enrollment English 111 began with a pretest and it crushed me. The letter grade is not what crushed me but the weaknesses of my writing that it exposed to me. I was not aware of how unprepared I had been in being able write top-notch papers within a time limit. I decided it would be my goal to practice and excel at writing papers with efficiency. Before being able to write papers my papers efficiency, I had to first learn how to write without a specific outline. My professor stressed to my class the importance of learning to write freely and not within the guidelines of a …show more content…

My professor has provided sufficient time in class and at home which has allowed me to put a lot of thought into writing my papers. During the time in class she let us work on our papers, I gave myself a two hour window on my essays to see how much I could type. This helped me learn to focus on paper content and forget about the other distractions in my life. I found that while practicing this, I could formulate my ideas more effectively and, in turn, strengthen my writing. These practices turned into good habits; and now when I am at home, I can use my time wisely and type thoughtful papers while still not taking all the time in the

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