The Importance Of Listening: The Crackerjack

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Listening: This course reflects the current understanding of English as a second language. Two major skills are taught: skimming and scanning. They are practiced through situations that are easily related to their experience or interests. Both of these skills are developed through listening for gist, details, main ideas or inferring meaning from context.
Speaking: Speaking skills are the main focus of The Crackerjack Series. Most of the elements in the syllabus provide support for oral communication. They focus in fluency and the development of accuracy. The understanding and use of the functions and introduction of idiomatic expressions to acquire a more natural language use is fostered throughout the course.
Reading: This skill is handled as an important tool to develop language and vocabulary. They expand the ability to read, understanding the general topic, understanding of details and guessing the meaning of new vocabulary words from context.
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Writing is also used a base of other activities. There are also given various writing techniques to facilitate students in each of the writing tasks.
Pronunciation: The pronunciation drills focus on important features of spoken English such as intonation, stress, and rhythm. The Crackerjack Series acknowledges that pronunciation is a part of speaking competence.
Vocabulary: Vocabulary plays a main role in any language learning course. The Crackerjack introduces vocabulary in two main ways: Productive vocabulary is presented through grammar, writing and speaking activities and receptive vocabulary is introduced through listening and reading. Guessing meaning from context, the use of a dictionary and conveying the meaning as Plus 1 vocabulary is fostered in this course. The course encourages teachers to give students more responsibility on their own learning

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