Gum Should Be Allowed In School Essay

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A common debate of the classroom is whether students could chew gum in class. As it turns out, research shows that chewing gum has many positive effects. Students should chew gum because of all the positive benefits. Some benefits of chewing gum are calmed appetites and more concentration. Chewing gum also releases stress. From calming your appetite, to concentrating more, to releasing stress, there are many positive reasons for students to chew gum in class. To begin with, allowing gum in class is beneficial because chewing gum calm your appetite. Paula Geiselman, Ph. D, Lead researcher and physiological psychologist, claims, “ We decreased overall snack intake by 40 to 60 calories. Having something in the mouth likely calms the appetite.” This claim shows that chewing gum takes away the desire to eat junk food which means that students’ health will be healthier. Students would make more nutritious foods because they are not craving non nutritious foods. This would eventually lead to a much less percentage of diabetes and other diseases caused by unhealthy food. The effect of this is students making healthier choices since they are not craving artificially sweetened or unhealthy food. As you can see, …show more content…

“ Students who chewed gum for five minutes before taking a test did better one the test than non-gum-chewing students,” states St Lawrence University Assistant Professor of Psychology Serge Onyper. This quote means that chewing gum before a test helps gather up the concentration students need to do well in a test. They can concentrate more and remember what they learned in class during the test. This would lead to better test results. For example, students would have more opportunities to college with good grades. The effect of chewing gum before a test is better concentration and better test results. To sum it up, chewing gum is an effective tool when trying to concentrate during a

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