Congestive Heart Failure Research Paper

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Congestive Heart Failure
There are many different diseases in the world today. One of those diseases is congestive heart failure. Congestive heart failure, according to Chris Linney, an Irish veterinarian, “is whereby abnormal cardiac function results in the accumulation and retention of water and sodium, most frequently resulting in pulmonary or systemic volume overload leading to congestion.” congestive heart failure takes place when the lungs can fill up with fluid, which can be fatal or can cause congestion. There are three different levels/types of congestive heart failure: 1) is acute congestive heart failure, 2) minimal congestive heart failure, and 3) advanced heart failure. Each of the levels has a variety of ways …show more content…

There are many different studies done to determine the number of dogs with CHF. According to J.p. Varshney, V.V. Deshmukh, and P.S. Chaudhary, who work at the Nandini Veterinary Hospital, “investigated clinical cases of suspected cardiopathies in dogs with Electrocardiography, radiography and routine blood …examinations…and results show that of about 300 dogs suspected cardiopathy, [only] 57 were diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure” The case above shows that fifty-seven out of three hundred dogs that were tested, nineteen percent of these dogs, have congestive heart failure. However, there are more people that suffer from congestive heart failure. According to Niloufar Binaei , Mahin Moeini , Masoumeh Sadeghi , Mostafa Najafi , Zahra Mohagheghian, who work at School of Nursing and Midwifery, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran “Almost 5 million people in America suffer from chronic heart failure. In Iran, there are over 1 million patients with heart failure” If 1 million people in the United States of America have heart failure then that must mean that 20% of Americans have this …show more content…

Some causes of this disease according to Gerard Burrow, are “Diseased heart muscle, chronic high blood pressure, a heart attack, and major cardiac arrhythmia”. The causes that are listed above actually cause congestive heart failure. With having congestive heart failure, patients are examined every six months or so depending on the severity of the disease. During that examination, there may be signs of the disease, according to Gerard Burrow: “In the Heart: 1) heart enlargement, 2) Increased heart rate, in the Lungs: Crackling noises (rales), leakage of fluid from the lungs, [and] in other areas: Swelling of the skin, edema of the lower back, buildup of fluid of the abdominal cavity, increased size of liver, ascites” (181) . This disease has its own ways of revealing itself to doctors.

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