Essay On Egyptian Creation Story

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In this paper I argue that the Egyptians’ documents supported the idea that Re wanted the best for his people in many aspects and provided for them to ensure their wellbeing.
In this paragraph I argue that the Egyptian creation story shows Re giving his people bountiful resources so that they may live and live well. In the creation of Egypt, or Khemet, Re made the topography of the land to favor the Egyptian people. The Egyptian creation story states, “[Re] protected the land with great barriers of desert, and created the river Nile so that it 's waters would flood the land and rich crops would be plentiful.” (2) Re provided the Nile for the Egyptians that provided food, which gave them life. Re also provided the desert, which protected them from the dangers that lay beyond the desert. Re also gave countries besides Egypt water to provide food. Instead of making another river like the Nile, “[Re] also made other
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This compassion and care for his people shows that he did not want them to die, but to resume to living, as death was merciless. He hears the cries of anguish from his dying people, and cannot help but to feel sorry for the humans he created, who worship him, being killed in his ordered genocide. The Egyptian creation story reads, “Re heard the prayers and screams of the dying and felt compassion for the children of His tears, but He remained silent.” (1) When Re recognizes that he should save man from Hathor’s wrath and from death overall, he begins to ponder how he could do so. The text states, “The Sun God wondered how He could save mankind,” (1). He intended to save mankind, and had set his mind to finding a way to do so. Re had regret for what he had done and intended to fix the situation. Taken together, this evidence demonstrates that Re wanted his humans to continue to live, as Re came to see that death was an immoral thing to put upon
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