Hungry Homeless And In College By Katherine M Broton Summary

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Two authors, Sara Goldrick-Rab and Katherine M. Broton state their opinion, in their article “Hungry, Homeless and in College”, that students should be able to finish their degrees with the stress and difficulties of living in extreme poverty. They write about the issues of food insecurity that a significant percentage of students attending community colleges across the college. They suggest that a solution to this problem are college food drives. They argue that the food pantries will improve the students academic success if they have access to basic necessities. This is an emotive opinion piece, and it is easy to agree with the authors that no student should have to experience extreme poverty to achieve what is rapidly becoming the basic qualification to get …show more content…

An anecdotal example is given of a student who admits that while she should have been paying attention to the lecture, she instead was anxiously watching the clock wondering if she would make to the local shelter in time. Sara Goldrick-Rab and Katherine M. Broton speculate that this could be one of the main reasons why students drop out of college. Even students who attend community colleges, which are supposed to be more affordable, struggle to support themselves while getting their education. Sometimes scholarships, while they still cut costs, are not always enough to help students through college. Since a higher education is becoming a necessity for getting a job, the solution to this food and shelter insecurity is to create private and government initiatives which will help support students with their basic needs throughout college. They propose that this can be done with food pantries funded through University Food Bank Alliance, and many other foundations and programs which will reduce the costs of food. Goldrick-Rab and Broton propose that these programs will solve the issue of hunger and homelessness through

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