Essay On Mandatory Standardized Testing In Schools

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In schools all around the nation, students are taking mandatory standardized tests. To some people, they are the dreaded tests that they never want to take. However, others love to take these standardized tests. Should these tests be mandatory in all high schools? I don 't believe so for many different reasons. Let me fill you in. Standardized tests are very basic. They usually consist of different school subjects. In each subject the give you a certain amount of questions to answer. Each questions can be answered by filling in small bubble with letters in them. The bubbles are what make the test standard. Each question is the same on every test given out. All the answers are the same on each test. Therefore, it is standard to everyone. …show more content…

The second main standardized test is American College Testing or the ACT. This test is used may be used for scholarships or college acceptance. Being accepted to your favorite college is important to a lot of people. What would happen if they wouldn 't take you because you ACT score is to low? There are many reasons they could be low. Some people are not good test takers because of anxiety. The person with high anxiety might be the smartest kid in the class, but he does not do well on test because he or she gets worked up and can 't think correctly when it comes to tests. Other students might not do well on tests because they have to study for their grades. Some students are able to get A’s without putting much effort into it. The next student might have to work very hard to get a B. The ACT would not be completely fair to the kids that have to study. Each test in the ACT consist of information that isn 't revealed until you are taking the test. This makes it impossible for kids that need to study to get good grades, to study for this test because they have no clue what to even look at. Therefore, it is very unlikely that either of those two students will get a score that is high enough to get them accepted to a certain college. In school around the nation they are starting to give out STAR tests. These tests are offered online. When you take the test you have a time limit for each question. After you answer a question, it will take you to the next one.

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