Essay On Student Athletes Should Get Paid

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What do people go to games for, the actual players or the coaches? In hopes that the answer is the players, the question that arises is why do the coaches get paid so much while the players get paid, nothing: “At the University of Alabama, the head football coach, Nick Saban, recently signed a contract paying him $7 million per year - more than 160 tunes the average wage of a Tuscaloosa public school teacher” (Edelman). The simple fact that coaches get paid that much per year is outrageous because they’re not the ones who are out on the court or the field making those plays that make it possible for them to get paid. No, the player’s should not get paid a significant difference compared to the coaches but they should indeed get paid considering they are the ones making all the plays afterall.…show more content…
True, but to be a student athlete is a tough ‘job’ to manage with going from the field to the library day in and day out: “Players are essentially working full-time football jobs while going to school; they deserve to be paid more than a scholarship” (Gregory). A scholarship isn’t just enough for these hard-working players who get rewarded with nothing at the end of the day. They often get a scholarship with the package, but that doesn’t cover all the expenses that come with college.
Think of a college game that people attend often. Think of the money they’ve spent on the ticket(s), the food, the drinks, and even some souvenirs. Why did they spend all this money - to support the team that they love to watch: “College athletes are mass-audience performers and need to be rewarded as such” (Gregory). These games that are held bring a huge audience, which brings nothing but money. Just like any other professional team who gets paid for each game and practice they play at, bring together a mass of people to one
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