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What is a Global Super Brand? In this century that we live in companies relay on the success of the company worldwide to be profitable. Super brands are corporations that are known all around. Every time you go out to purchase something you think of the most famous brands world wide, for example you would be thinking about Coca Cola, Red Bull, McDonald, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Diesel, Adidas, Nike, Apple, Microsoft, and Sony. All of these companies are Super Brands, they dominate other brands. However, Why do we buy from these Super Brands? What makes people worships these brands? Super Brands such as the ones listed are called Global Super Brands, these are the brands that have the dominance to control other brands. However, the main…show more content…
McDonald’s always focused on one fact. That fact is taking the term ‘fast food’ literally. Every aspect of creating the success of McDonald’s relied on speed. In view of this fact, MacDonald portrays the fact that they will always be there for food when you are in a hurry. Also, McDonald’s is always open and it is cheap. Anywhere you travel to McDonald’s tastes the same. Also, The reason that McDonald’s constantly tastes the same is that McDonald’s food is one chemically in laboratories. That is the reason why McDonald’s in India has the same taste as McDonald’s in the United…show more content…
Microsoft used to be the biggest Super Brand when Bill Gates created the first software that was able to run on an IBM computer. In the older days this was a major break threw. Microsoft to this day still invest a tremendous quantity of money per year on research and development. The at most reason of why Microsoft is a Super Brand is because of Bill Gates great invention that created the first software to run on an IBM computer. Consequently, very computer or laptop sold will already have Microsoft Windows uploaded, excluding and Apple computers or laptops. Since, Microsoft were not very successful in selling computers or laptops they invented a new product: Xbox 360. Xbox 360 is a video game processor, after Microsoft failed to sell computers and laptops, the Xbox 360 became their new main

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