Essay On Wage Disparity Among Women

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Women have endeavored for equality between genders. Generations of women have participated in movements since the 1800s. A good deal of laws prohibit discrimination between genders and punish those who do not abide. The majority of the citizens of the United States advocate equality and the law that supports equality. Even though there is a law that prohibits discrimination and inequality, there are businesses that discriminate against women with wage disparity. Women are paid only eighty percent of what men are paid despite the fact that both genders have the same full-time jobs. To attain true equality between genders, the government of the United States should pass a new law that requires constant inspection on wage disparity in all businesses. …show more content…

It may not only be men who discriminate women. It could be all of us. Although we are enraged by this situation, only a handful of women berate at the government. A century has passed since women have achieved lawful equality on rights and wage. Still, there exists wage disparity in our generation and will exist in the next generation if we tolerate this problem. Unfair payment is not adequate for any woman. Some people believe wage disparity still exists because most women have bad occupations. Those people mention that the wage disparity problem will be solved if women work in better occupations. However, wage disparity exists in both lowest-paid jobs and highest-paid jobs. Currently, women earn less than men even in the highest-paid jobs: surgeons, physicians, veterinarians, financial specialists, dentists, accountants, and more. It is not a matter of what job women have. People wrongly believe men are better at their job. The government of the United States should inspect each business on wage disparity and make businesses that do not consent face penalties. I deplore the wage disparity based on sex. Men and women whom work under the same condition should be paid equally. Not until all women are treated equally on wages. I believe there is no true equality. By solving this predicament, all women will feel treated equally as men and discrimination in all working environment will

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