Essay Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Baseball, football, basketball and soccer are just some of the sports played at the college level. These sports are all played by both men and women, something must be done about how these athletes are being taken advantage of. People may say that they are bring paid by getting free school, however there are other expenses that have to be paid with the money they can’t earn because there are in sports. There are also claims that athletes are not responsible with their money. The N.C.A.A. makes millions of dollars off of college athletes every year, without the players ever seeing a cent of theses millions.
Athletes do receive several forms of compensation. First, there is the education itself. Second according to Stephen Carter - “athletes are given free room and board, and in almost every university in the country, those accommodations are spectacularly comfortable.” However no one wants to stay on the campus at all times. You are going to want to look around and do things were ever you decide to go to …show more content…

College coaches for football make twice as much as the rest of the team; however basketball coaches make seven times as much as their team. College coaches do everything in their power to convince the best athletes to join their team. They have gone as far as to according to Dave Zirin, “Michigan sent a letter to the girlfriend of a player to try to convince her to try to convince him to come to Michigan.” This is just one of many instances wear coaches have crossed the line. Yet would it not have been easier to just tell the player you would offer them free school and money to play for them. Allowing players to be paid would also prevent violations of the N.C.A.A. rules on players selling there paraphernalia for money. Additionally there was a case at Ohio State were players did just this so that they could have some spending money for a

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