Examples Of Moral Courage Cesar Chavez

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Moral Courage and Cesar Chavez Today in 2018 California’s minimum salary wage for migrant workers is about $5-6 an hour. In the 1930’s they were paid from $0.60- 1.00 per hundred pounds offered by growers. Leaving his job in Arizona Cesar Chavez moved to California to dedicate his life to improving the treatment, pay and working conditions. By examining cesar chavez’s moral courage, how he relates to Elie Wiesel, and how and why he impacted me it is clear that Cesar Chavez was an important man. Moral Courage, the courage to take action for moral reasons in spite of the risk of unfavorable consequences. And that is exactly what Chavez had while helping migrant workers. He risked his life going on hunger strikes and fasting. “It is believed that Chavez’s hunger strike contributed to his death” (Cesar Chavez Biography, A&E Television Networks, 2017). Cesar said about the fast, “A fast is first and foremost personal, it is a fast for the purification of my own body, mind, and soul. The fast is also a heartfelt for purification and strengthening for all those who work beside me in the farm work movement (The Story of Cesar Chavez, Union Farm Workers, 2018). He was a strong, brave man who lead non violent strikes, and lead marches . Their first national boycott was against california grape growers in 1968 (Cesar Chavez Biography, A&E Television Network, 2017). “Even in the face of threats and actual violence, be it from police or other unions, such as the Teamsters,

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