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According to the Thai culture, the previous generation of Thai people not significance in the second language as much as it has to be. The reason is we are nationalism and attach on our language. We accept other country’s concept to govern the country but we do not accept the language so the opportunities to study the second language is absurd. My experience in learning and applying the second language has been simply starting for a long time since I was a child. The period of studying is long but I didn’t appreciate applying or developing myself. The several reasons of my developing come after I step into the faculty that normally use the second language to communicate with other. Therefore, there are several processes that I apply to develop my English expertise including problem finding, solving the problem, and evaluating the result after solving the problem. First, after I enter the faculty of ICT I suddenly perceive myself that I have to figure out my skill as fast as I can. In this faculty, most of the lesson will be taught in English by the instructor. The instructor includes both foreigner and Thai. Normally, the Thai instructor also uses the English language to…show more content…
From my perspective, my speaking still vulnerable but while I communicate I feel more confident, fearless and enthusiastic. In the class, I easily catch up with the lecture that the instructor is explaining. Asking friend for translation is unnecessary. This is one thing that I proud. However, I have some opinion. I would say using English to communicate is much simple than using the Thai language. Because in English, it doesn’t have any hierarchy to classify the word while speaking even though the grammar is still hard to remember. On the contrary, Thai language have lot of level such as normal Thai, respectfully Thai, and the Royal Thai so we have to use

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