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Objectives of the Study 1. The overall aim of the study is to examine the behavioral and attitudinal loyalty among the youth consumers in the consumption. 2. Analyze the factors responsible for the purchase and loyalty of fast food, namely Dominos, McDonalds and KFC. 3. The reasons for dissatisfaction. 4. Strategies to be employed to improve customer loyalty Scope of the Study The study covers customer’s preferences of fast food and their loyalty towards Dominos, KFC and McDonalds. It elucidates the reason for loyalty and what can be improved at each of the fast food outlets. It also opens doors for customers switching by showing how to get customers to switch from their favorite brands. Methodology Data was collected using two different…show more content…
Which words best describe the brands you associate with? Source: Primary Data Source: Primary Data • The frequency of a consumer to purchase outside food is very important in determining brand loyalty. Some customers may be loyal to your brand but only purchase once a month, some may purchase every day but may not be brand specific. • KFC takes the lead with the best ‘taste of the food’ where most of the respondents have ranked it either excellent or good. It also takes the lead for food portion, and McDonalds is far behind both its competitors. McDonalds is perceived to have to least amount of nutrition among the three, and KFC, the highest. • Dominos takes the lead when it comes to variety of choices for the consumer, rightly so as it has pasta, garlic bread, dessert etc. on its menu • McDonalds ranked the highest for ‘value for money’ as it is the least expensive among the three; this is followed by Dominos and KFC. Source: Primary Data Source: Primary Data Source: Primary Data • 40% of the respondents felt that McDonalds valued them as a customer. This was followed by Dominos and lastly,…show more content…
A loyal customer not only associates itself with the company but also brings in other customers for the brand because they believe in it. Source: Primary Data • KFC and Dominos may have a good menu, variety, taste and even more nutrition, but, McDonalds on Cunningham road makes the customer feel more valued and therefore, they are more inclined to recommend the restaurant to a friend. • The above data helps to infer whether the customers are attitudinally loyal or behaviorally loyal. It also shows the tendency of a loyal customer to switch to another brand. • Ironically, when it comes to how valued the customer feels in the restaurant and the most important task of recommending to a friend, McDonalds takes the lead. Suggestions • Fast food is looked at as unhealthy and with less nutrition. If each of these restaurants launches a healthier menu or a section where people can opt for healthier meals such as salads or grilled meat, it would definitely be attention grabbing. Taking care of the society can also be looked at as Corporate Social

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