5 Steps In Workforce Planning Process

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Define and describe the 5 steps that are used in workforce planning process. Step 1 is identifying the business context and the environment. This step directly links you workforce plan to the business objectives and goals. For one to have a good understanding of the environment surrounding the business one needs to ask who his /her customers are. Is the business growing or collapsing? What are the long term goals and short term goals of the business? When you finally understand your business in-depth, it will help in planning the workforce so as to turn the goals and vision to business success. Step 2 is to understand the current available workforce in the business. Here the one needs to identify the age, skills, knowledge, experience and …show more content…

Three world examples of workforce planning process Three world examples of workforce planning process i. Step 1- Setting strategic directions where by vision of the future is defined and strategic partners are mobilized; Step 2- This step analyzes the supply, demand and discrepancies of the workforce; Step 3- Developing action plan; Step 4- Implementing action plan; Step 5 Monitor, evaluate and revise the workforce plan ii. Step 1- Getting started where by you determine workforce future functional requirements; Step 2- Workforce analysis; Step 3- Implementing plan (Analyze supply, demand, gap and development strategy); Step 4- Monitoring, evaluating and revising. iii. Step 1- Strategic business planning; Step 2- Identifying critical jobs; Step 3- Forecast future workforce requirement; Step 4- Identifying workforce gaps; Step 5- Developing workforce plans; Step 6- Execute workforce plans; Step 7- Monitor & …show more content…

An example is if an organization recruiter can process 50 applications during a certain period of time in a recruiting exercise then the organization will require 10 recruiters to process 500 applicants. While efficiency driven forecasting is financially and efficient driven in that it uses metrics to evaluate how well an organization staffing plans are working. Example is, if a organization staffing costs were $50,000, and 10 people were hired, each with a starting base salary of $10,000, the organization staffing efficiency would be 50,000/100,000 or 50

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