Gender Wage Gap In Canada

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Todays women are more educated, more confident, more motivated, so they could have same career’s position like men in society, even though equal payment still has not reached in many countries even in a developed county such as Canada. There are some factors that related to unfair wages for different gender. According to the National Household survey shows while women made up 48 per cent of the workforce in 2011, they were most likely to be employed in sales and service jobs (27 per cent), followed by business, finance and administration (24.6 per cent) then education, law and community and government services (16.8 per cent). Among the 20 most common jobs for women, women accounted for more than nine out of 10 workers in: administrative assistant; …show more content…

This means that for every $1.00 earned by a male worker, a female worker earns 74 cents. most jobs in the booming oil and constructions industries—as one possible reason for the stagnation in the gender income gap. For the most highly educated Canadian women, gender differences in earnings within identical occupations are generally very small among new entrants to the labor force. The focus on this survey was concentrated on causes the wage’s gap between different genders. The report showed how different genders choose their job by categorizing occupations. The method used to test the hypothesis was statistic among most women in Canada by percentage of participating in some jobs. “Some of it is explained by women’s behavior. Women with plans to have kids may choose less challenging jobs with more flexibility, believing they can’t have both a successful career and family life. “It’s the difference in the way (women and men) make choices”(Adshade, 2013,np). She asks women to not shy away from asking for equal pay despite stereotypes that it appears too aggressive and could turn off a potential

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