John Stewart Gun Control Hypocrisy Analysis

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Gun Control Hypocrisy America has recently seenseveral shooting and indiscriminate firing incidents in schools, malls, and religious place. Do the U.S. people need gun control laws? Should everyone own a gun for self-defense? There are many questions that rise about gun control, but most of them do not have answers. According to the gun violence archive, total numbers of gun violence in 2017 are 61,539. The numbers of deaths are 15,596 and 31,189 injuries, and most of the victims are teenagers. Since gun violence is a hot topic and circulates in the media. Jon Stewart is an American comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and television host gives part of his daily show for gun control topic. Stewart points out the hypocrisy …show more content…

"If we talk about gun control after a mass shooting, it is wrong. However, we can talk about having a lot of guns after a mass shooting"(Jon Stewart). Stewart presents a former Minnesota 's Governor Jesse Ventura view of point about guns controls. Ventura explores his illogical point that many people killed by drunk drivers than people ask the car company to stop making cars. In his response, Stewart comments that "we have to strict blood alcohol limit, raise the drinking age, enforcement penalties for the drunk driver that help bring drunk driving rates down; I don 't know by 2/3 in a few decades". Stewart comment seems funny, but he uses the same logic that Ventura uses to prove his point. If people take steps to lower the number of drunk drivers, they take steps to limit child deaths in auto accidents, accidental poisoning, etc. Why people will not take steps when it comes to gun control? Mostly pro-guns extremists use slippery slope fallacy in all their debates, and they look for sly opportunities. Another example is the Texas reprehensive Louie Gohmert, he says that "article came out this week the massive number that are killed with hummers" or, Lapierre says " the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun" which is a completely crafty statement. Stewart nicely comments on both these illogical statements that prove his point and shows his ethos and …show more content…

There are still limitations on commercial speech, libel, fraud, and protection of intellectual property. People can worship as they wish, theyown property, and people do everything but within limits.People are not in eighteen centuries anymore, they cannot burn witches alive, they cannot sacrifice even welling volunteers, and they cannot lynch colored people. They must follow a law, safety codes, environmental restrictions, and so on. The NRA has only 4.3 million members, and the United States has 320 million populations. How a small percent of a society makes all these problems for rest of the people. America really struggles because people of this country tend to be faith-based, rather than evidence-based, and their fantasies mean more to them than the real world. It is the 21st Century with advanced technology, and there is no needed to scarify human, animals, and things for good lucks and bad lucks. In addition, people do not need having their personal guns, or they claim the ownership of this evil phenomenon. The United States of America has trained polices and expert armed forces, and they enforce the law and protect people 's rights. If everyone has personal gun privilege, people do not need these many enforcement law officer and security forces, and why they spend their tax

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