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INTRODUCTION This contextual project wok is consisting of 10 concepts form the module entitled ‘Health Education’ block I. Each one of the concepts will be described in terms of its meaning, will be critically analyzed for its real life application and will be followed by some reference of the current research evidence. Real life application will explore a possible relationship of the concept with personal, social or professional life.
This concept is taken from health assessment block 1, module 1 entitled as ‘The Nurse as Health Educator’. Since many years, it is a well understood concept that nurses must participate in health education. Education the patients, families, general public and health care professionals is one the well-established
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In order to meet the above mentioned goal, nurses should be provided with adequate training not only about instructional skills but the ability to assess learning needs of the individuals and the ability to determine the fact that if the information provided is understood by the learner. Nurses’ ability to possess these skills can guarantee an educational effort as successful and effective. When nurses are involved in health educations process, it is proven to haveconstructive effects on the health related outcomes of patients as well as it can improve the nurses’ level of competence and confidence (Bastable, 2003). Health promotion is one of the basic duties of a nurse and this duty cannot by fulfilled without health education. Other purposes served by the nurses applying health education is improving health behavior, motivation and compliance, achieving optimal level of health and improving skills and knowledge of the health care providers (Norton,…show more content…
Moreover, governmental policies productivity, market competition, and cost containment measures to manage health care related expenses also demands the nurses to put their efforts in health education so as to meet the national expectations. Above all nurses have legal pressure to educate their clients regarding their health management, treatment proposed and disease prevention. Complying with all these social, ethical and legal requirements nurses acknowledge their role in health education. 1.3 Application in current Job: Educating the patients and families is the part of job description of every nurse working in my organization. We are working with cancer patients and it is of great importance to educate our clients so as to minimize the effects of disease, potential complications, unwanted effects of the treatment employed and safe health management at home. Our patients can face life threatening complication if poorly taught about their condition and expected outcomes. Therefore, it is mandatory for every nurse as well as other members of health care team to provide health education to all of our patients. Moreover, it is the part of nurses’ competencies that they are able to provide health education to the patients and the families. We have established the teams of nurses for different specialties like breast care nurses, stoma care nurses, perioperative specialist

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