Hilton Worldwide Case Study: Recruitment Practices

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3. Recruitment Practices
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To design the pipeline of future leaders, Hilton Worldwide offers the experience of hospitality industry to current and graduating students. Students might consider the position of the entry-level professional or the participation in full-time internship opportunities. There are several programs offered for internship positions such as corporate internships, property internships, and revenue management internships. The successful candidates will be placed into the management training program lasting ten weeks where a future Hilton team member will undergo the accelerated training in all areas of hotel management, and at a later stage the proficiency-oriented training in the area of specialization.
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Performance Management
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6. Training Opportunities
The idea behind the career development plan is to train the ability of Hilton Worldwide team members to grow and progress personally and professionally. To enhance this progress Hilton offers world-class learning opportunities starting from on-the-job training and virtual courses, to management development programs and seminars. Not only Hilton Worldwide will train its associates, but also it will provide with an access to Hilton Worldwide University where the learning process is facilitated through five distinct colleges:
• Hotel College offers courses where team members can study brand standards and the related topics to ensure the team understands how to meet and exceed Hilton expectations.
• Owners College offers courses to hotel owners and franchisees where they can receive trainings on the Hilton service and product branding to enable these Hilton properties to meet and exceed expectations.
• Commercial College provides with virtual courses on sales, eCommerce, revenue stream management, reservations and other marketing and PR services which will improve team members’ understanding of how to maximize the revenue from global marketing
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The equal amount of benefits is offered to the part-time and full-time employees. Besides the traditional company benefits that include a competitive salary and holiday entitlement, Hilton offers the diverse range of benefit packages. Firstly, the attractive travel program offered by Hilton enables the team member of Hilton Worldwide to receive the hotel discounts for the member and the member’s family. This benefit becomes active once the member completed the training programs. This benefit is considered as a privilege of becoming the member of the Hilton Club that provides with reduced hotel rates and services worldwide. Secondly, as an employer Hilton offers the vacation or the paid time off (PTO) opportunity. More specifically, to get this benefit team members must accumulate the vacation time during the first year of employment. This benefit becomes active after six months of a member’s enrollment. Thirdly, the new team member is eligible to start the 401 (K) Savings plan which implies that Hilton will match “dollar for dollar up to 3% of base pay and fifty cents for every dollar on the next 2%.” Fourthly, the future team member can participate in Hilton Honors program and the Employee Assistance Program which cares about a balanced life of an employee offering him/her a free confidential assistance in the

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