How Did Ancient Egypt Develop Ancient Civilization

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Ancient Egypt: The Cradle of Civilization

Did you know that the land of Ancient Egypt was once split into two separate kingdoms?

The Egyptians invented aerodynamics, geometry, bowling and many other things we use in our daily lives. There are over 700 gods and goddesses in their religious belief. Ancient Egypt has multiple Pharaohs; some of which weren’t even Egyptian. The mysterious land of ancient Egypt is famously known for religious beliefs, geography, pharaohs, and contributions to modern society.

For almost 30 centuries ancient Egypt was the preeminent civilization throughout the Mediterranean world. However, Egypt was not always the country we learned about in school. During the Predynastic Period (around 6000-3150 B.C.) Egypt was split into two separate kingdoms. Around 3400 B.C. there was the “Black Land” which rested on the banks of the Nile River and was used to grow crops. It was the only land that could be farmed because of its rich layer of black silt. The other kingdom was known as the “Red Land” and that land was a barren desert that
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Papyrus, origin of the English word paper, was just one of the many technological advancement made by the Egyptians. They also developed ramps, levers, geometry for construction purposes, advanced mathematics and astronomy. They made advances in agriculture, which was believed to have been learned by the Mesopotamians. Along with agriculture, Egyptians excelled in ship building and aerodynamics, which they could’ve learned from the Phoenicians, the wheel, given to them by the Hyksos, and medicine. Additionally, unlike most countries during their time, the ancient Egyptians had no religious proscription preventing them from dissecting a dead human body, therefore it allowed them to better understand how the human body functioned. This would allow them to better treat diseases than later
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