Hybrid Cars: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hybrid Cars

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First and foremost, the hybrid car should be preferred to standard car because it is environmentally friendly. Environmental friendly means do not harm to the environment and this can be explained when it works on twin powered engine which are used to reduce the pollution. Basically, most of the experts say that the electric engine is used for lower speed and gasoline engine is used for higher speeds. The hybrid car not only consumes less fuel but it also produces less amount of carbon dioxide emission. The hybrid car runs on twin powered engine like gasoline and electric motor that cut fuel consumption, reduce air pollution and conserves more energy (Rinkesh, 2009). Many experts say that one of the biggest advantages of hybrid car is that …show more content…

Same like conventional car, the hybrid car also use rubber in parts like gaskets, timing belts and tires. The hybrid car also use metals to fabricate the car similar like conventional car. There are a number of different metals used to fabricate the cars and for example the frame is typically made from steel to provide strength to protect the driver during accidents. The exterior of the vehicle is typically made from mixed alloys to maintain strength. The mixed alloys also reduce the weight of the car same like what the engineers do to the track bicycle for sport and even though most of the materials used in hybrid car is similar to the conventional car, the material for battery component is different where hybrid car used the light material to make it more friendly to the environment. Other important components in the car is the motor. Basically the motor is used to power the car but it also act as a generator to produce electrical power which can control the energy to enter and exit from the battery of the car that stored energy. The writer also wants to share his knowledge about hybrid engine where the hybrid engine consists of the two types which are series hybrid and parallel

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