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Abstract A 'gasoline-electric hybrid car' or 'hybrid electric vehicle' is a vehicle which relies not only on batteries but also on an internal combustion engine which drives a generator to provide the electricity and may also drive a wheel. It has great advantages over the previously used gasoline engine that drives the power from gasoline only. It also is a major source of air pollution. The objective is to design and fabricate a two wheeler hybrid electric vehicle powered by both battery and gasoline. The combination of both the power makes the vehicle dynamic in nature. It provides its owner with advantages in fuel economy and environmental impact over conventional automobiles. Hybrid electric vehicles combine an electric motor, battery…show more content…
A HYBRID VEHICLE is a vehicle which uses any two power source to drive the vehicle.
A HYBRID ELECTRIC VEHICLE (HEV) is a vehicle uses a conventional IC Engine and an electric motor to drive the vehicle. The basic need of Hybrid Electric Vehicle was made to have better fuel economy than a conventional IC Engine Vehicle. Now a days there are many types of Hybrid Electric Vehicles and also the degree to which they function.
A HEV along with increasing the fuel economy of the vehicle also reduces the pollution emitted to the atmosphere. The harmful emissions from a HEV is very low as compared to a conventional IC Engine vehicle.
In many HEV now a days Regenerative Braking is used. In such vehicles the heat generated during braking is used to produce energy for the batteries. Also in many HEVs there is a generator to either produce electrical energy for the batteries or run the electric motor directly. The IC Engine is made to spin the generator which produces the electrical energy.the figure shown above, the battery only supplies electrical energy to the motor. The motor in turn is connected to the same transmission unit where the engine is connected. The power to the engine is delivered by the
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The layout of Series Hybrid system is shown below:
Figure 2. Series Hybrid System
Here in this configuration the engine only supplies mechanical power to a generator.
As the generator rotates it creates electrical energy which is used to recharge the batteries.
The batteries then supplies electrical power to the wheels.
 Power Split Hybrid They have the benefits of a combination of series and parallel characteristics. As a result, they are more efficient overall, because series hybrids tend to be more efficient at lower speeds and parallel tend to be more efficient at high speeds; however, the cost of power-split the hybrid is higher than a pure parallel. In this configuration a power split device is used to supply power to the wheels. The image of power split device is shown below:
Figure 3. Power Split Device
Here the Electric Motor is connected to the wheels.
When the wheels are powered by the Electric Motor the planet gears only rotates on its own axis.
When the power requirement is high, the engine rotates the planet carrier which is also used to rotate the planet
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