Hyundai Goal Campaign Analysis

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7. Hyundai Goal Campaign – Hyundai one of the largest car manufacturers in India, has used social media marketing as one of the key resources in building long term relations with its customers. In September 2014 Hyundai ran “Hope on Wheels” public awareness campaign on Child Cancer. It displayed courageous story of several children along with reports and research of doctors working on its cure on their website People can go to the above mentioned website and watch videos stories of cancer survival children post their messages and join online community to support cancer patient. The campaign was very successful. It got tremendous public support.
8. India Unexplored Tourism campaign of Lonely Planet –
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People had to tweet about new range with hashtag #FiamaShowerJewels. As soon as the twitter hit the 5000 mark the new range of products would be exhibited at the WIFW.
The campaign’s main objective was to make people aware about the launch of new products at wills India Fashion Week. It generated great buzz on social media sites. The campaign was a huge success.
11. Strepsils’ First digital Marketing campaign – Strepsils started its first ever campaign on facebook and twitter with an idea of freedom of expression. It encouraged people to express their opinions -especially youth with a bold statement “Kholkebol”.
The tag line of the campaign was Kyunki bin bole ab nahichalega,Strepsilskesaath #abmontubolega depicted the condition of a common man. Montu a common man was the protagonist of the campaign. He was a very wise person but under many kinds of social pressure did not speak his mind then strepsils gave him courage to express his opinions.
The campaign was very innovative engaged huge crowd on twitter and facebook. Strepsils had also uploaded a video on you tube which got more than a 1 lakh
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