ICT Reflection In The Classroom

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Chapter One: Introduction
1.1. Introduction
Today’s educational landscape asks a lot of the educator. No longer is learning based in only reading, writing and arithmetic or the single room school house. One can list the reasons why education has changed, even shifted focus to a more global context where needs are immense and the expectation of the student as an active member of the knowledge centre adds abundant value to society but this study seeks to understand the advantages of ICT diffusion in the classroom. There is the specific need for educators to have the foundation for design of content, instruction strategies and activities that engage the learner at a level of continued learning. If the student is not getting the value of an education
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How ICT tools for classroom activities have changed learning and how these tools continue to impact the collaborative level of interaction for the classroom will be examined. The interactive whiteboard is a tool that can promote a myriad of activities. The whiteboard integrates and allows for the learning tool to have a balance of intent, strategies within the mechanism that serves more than one learning style. In other words, the IWB supports a classroom where learners may have different learning styles and skills toward learning. The integration meets the needs of all students instead of one primary style. This tool is abundantly important for today’s modern classroom and for the teacher to seek activities that use the whiteboard to its greatest source usefulness and capabilities. Therefore, the literature review intends to review the connection between technology diffusion in the classroom, the teacher’s openness becoming the student’s level of openness but also how this defines the design and intent of specific activities used in bilingual learning strategies. Literature serves to review how these technological advances are defined but also how CLIL uses the IWB to connect content within a context that meets the needs of the students as they also create a connection with his or her learning environment.

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