ISLLC Standard 5: A Key Role In Educational Leadership

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ISLLC Standard 5 suggests that an educational leader acts with integrity, fairness, and in an ethical manner. The leader has knowledge and understanding of professional codes of ethics, frameworks and perspectives on principles. Value of the diverse school community is evident. The administrator believes in, values, and is committed to bringing ethical principles to the supervisory process putting their own interest aside for the good of the school community. They must use the influence of their leadership constructively and productively in the service of all students and their families. A leader guides activities as a role model, consider personal and professional values, as well as demonstrate a personal and professional code of ethics. They treat people fairly with dignity and respect. Legal and contractual obligations must be filled and laws and procedures should be applied fairly, wisely, and considerately. A key role in educational leadership is to create an atmosphere that everyone wants to be a part of. A sense of belonging is needed…show more content…
Communication is critical to the success of every educational community. Building a positive school climate necessitates an emphasis on developing strong affiliations throughout the school community. Information should be given in an accurate and timely matter. Leaders must strive to communicate with not only teachers but students, parents as well as members of the community. It is important to keep all informed with the latest school activities. This gains support as well as partnerships that can lead to contributions financially and volunteering. Greater relations between the school and community help support and reinforce academic and social outcomes of the school community. When students and parents are have positive influences and resources in the local community, the school serves as a helpful resource to educate the whole
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