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Have you ever wanted to learn about sled dogs and the topic of Iditarod, which means the last great race? The histories, reason’s why it’s bad/good and more fun facts about Iditarod and sled dogs is a tradition that I hope you will enjoy learning about. It started in the winter of 1973, a sled dog race to Nome, Alaska that happens every winter. The pack of sled dogs (commonly being and Alaskan Husky for their natural talent) is usually made up of 12-15. Specialist dogs are part of the team who can take harsh conditions that the other dogs can not survive in, part of the sled dog team too. In the front are the leaders of the team while the dogs that are farthest behind the leaders called ballast.
Next, I will show you why it is good to be having the Iditarod races. One reason is that with these races canines will be very healthy and athletic while most house dogs are big, out of shape, and unhealthy. Sled dogs being so healthy can lead to some living up to 20 years. Most dogs love to run so people should put them outside and since they love to run have a race to upgrade from running to a competition.
In this paragraph, I will be explaining why it is bad to have the Iditarod races. First is that approximately in every race there has been a passing of one of the …show more content…

I am an animal lover and I don’t like it when any species of animal is getting hurt or worse. But dogs can’t really tell you if they want to do these races or not and if a dog doesn't like doing these races the dog will not be able to tell the musher. These races can be very harsh and have to dog team to a conclusion of not surviving. But also the mushers can be thrown off the sled and left behind which leads to mushers also having a possible passing. Not just that can lead to the dog and mushers passing, much more like not having enough food, dehydration, and frostbite. This is a very dangerous race and this is why I do not enjoy having these

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