Interprofessional Nursing Practice Essay

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The author of this article is Maria C. Dolce. She has BS, MA, PhD degrees from New York University, and also certifications in nursing administrations and educations. Dr. Dolce is Associate professor at Northeastern university school of nursing, leads many interprofessional research and education, and also practices initiatives at Bouve College of health sciences. Before that Dr. Dolce was the formal Program director for New York University College of nursing’s national initiative or oral health nursing educations and practice. At present Dr. Dolce is the executive director of innovations in interprofessional oral health care. She is also a member of National Children’s Oral Health Foundation. …show more content…

The consequences of oral health diseases are significant and adversely impact quality of life for millions of Americans each year. The nondental health care professionals have the potential to play a significant role in addressing the oral health needs and reducing oral health disparities. This article presents an interprofessional faculty tool kit that builds upon The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice as a framework for preparing professional nurses with basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes in oral health promotion and disease and injury prevention across the life cycle.
According to author barriers to quality oral health care is inadequate education of health care professionals in basic oral health .So to improve to this there is an addition of more content with in the course. But according to me rather than focusing on adding, changing and updating content, nurse educators must focus on expanding their evidence-based pedagogical strategies to engage student in learning about oral

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